Currently, Dr. Shiffman is working on his next book, What Terrorists Look Like: Crime, Counterinsurgency, and Homeland Security: International Economic Perspectives on Substate Violence.

He also recently published two reports with the Georgetown University Center for Peace and Security Studies. The first report summarizes seminar proceedings from 2007-2008 that reviewed how local, state, and federal authorities understand intelligence, defined the need for more intelligence sharing and analysis between these two levels, and called for better networking techniques to accomplish this goal. The second report picks up where the first report left off, documenting experts' recommended solutions and caveats on how to establish better intergovernmental networks. It draws on the presentations and discussions of the conference If You Build It, Will They Use It? Optimizing the Homeland Security Network, hosted by the Center for Peace and Security Studies in October 2009. It features the likes Mr. Charles E. Allen, General Michael V. Hayden, and several other prominent intelligence, homeland security, and technology officials and scholars.

In addition to these academic works, Dr. Shiffman was recently invited to be a full professor, teaching for Georgetown University's Security Studies Program. While there, he is working to establish the Homeland Security Laboratory, a center for theory and process development in the homeland security enterprise.
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